Hi, I'm Jeff 👋

I'm a paddler, just like you.

My dad took me on my first canoe trip when I was 8, and after a few years of complaining about the pain, I was hooked.

The trouble was, when I eventually went on my first trip without him, we ended up getting lost.

It turns out the map we had was full of errors.

There was a lake missing an important bay, a campsite on the wrong side of the lake, and a critical portage simply didn't exist. Fun times.

That drove me to create the best map of Algonquin that I possibly could - the map that I always wanted for myself.

I didn't plan on sharing it with anyone – nevermind selling it – but one thing lead to another, and when I finished school back in 2012, I started making paddling maps full time 😃

I hope to see you on a portage some day!


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