What You Get

  • This map is only available digitally.
  • If you purchase a copy of this map you get a digital GeoTIFF file compatible with:
    - Avenza Maps on iOS/Android (including GPS support)
    - Computer (any image viewer than supports .tiff files)
  • If you purchase a copy of this digital file, you get a license to use it on any devices you own, forever.
    - Exception: Businesses/organizations that purchase this digital file get a license to install each copy they purchase on 1 device at a time.
    - For example, if a business/organization licenses 3 copies, they can install it on 3 devices at a time.

Things to Know

  • This map was last updated in 2014 and does not include many of the features on my other newer maps.
  • It covers all of Temagami, and a lot of the surrounding area too.
  • The map viewer on this page shows the complete map, so you'll want to check that out to make sure you’re happy with the map before purchasing.
  • If you purchase a copy of this digital file, you will receive an email that includes a link to the file and some simple installation instructions within 24 hours (unfortunately it will not be instant).
  • I’m always happy to help if you have any questions - jeff@mapsbyjeff.com