The future of maps. Available now.

Waterproof & Digital

When you purchase a map, you'll receive:

1) a printed waterproof & tear resistant copy (Plan & Trip maps)
2) an Avenza Maps compatible file for iOS/Android (Trip map)
3) a Garmin 'Custom Map' file – compatible with all modern devices, except the InReach mini/SE/Explorer (Trip map)
4) a Google Earth Pro file (Trip map)
5) a high-resolution JPEG of file – great for making enlargements (Trip map)
6) a GeoTIFF, compatible with most mapping software (Trip Map)

Two maps. One price.

Plan Map vs. Trip Map

You have very different questions when you're planning a trip, vs. when you're on a trip.

Plan: "Where should I go?"

Trip: "Where am I?"

Shouldn't your map reflect that?

That's why I created two drastically different maps. One for planning, one for tripping.

Put one on each side, and voila! Two maps in one.

The map you never knew you wanted.